Inn at the Cove Gallery

Picture Yourself At Our Pismo Beach OceanFront Hotel

Located oceanfront in Pismo Beach, California, Inn at the Cove offers a relaxing, intimate hotel where families, couples, and their pets can enjoy the sun, surf, attractions, and recreation. Learn more about a day in life at the Inn at the Cove by checking out the photos in our gallery. 

The Central Coast of California is known for some of the most breathtaking sunsets. Perfection takes many forms with unique displays of color and distinctive silhouettes. You won’t find one sunset the same as the next. What makes a Pismo Beach sunset unparalleled is its all-inclusive nature encompassing the Pacific Ocean, white sand beach, towering palm trees, and rolling hills. Don’t believe us? Click the live cam to check out a time-lapse of a Pismo Beach sunrise right now at our sister hotel SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel!