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Outdoor Pismo Beach Attractions

Embrace the Sun & The Sand

Wondering what to do in Pismo Beach? From wine country to ocean paradise, there are endless reasons to exit Highway 101 and explore the best of Pismo Beach. Offering a premier location on the Central Coast, our Pismo Beach hotel places guests right by tons of exciting things to do in San Luis Obispo. Take a journey, by bike or by car, down the Central Coast and immerse yourself in an endless array of opportunities to soak up California’s sunshine.

Choose Your Adventure

Below are some of the best ways to enjoy the Central Coast sunshine and scenery. If you crave some Vitamin D or are the resident adrenaline-junkie, these fun activities are the best way to spend your next Pismo Beach vacation.

Adrenaline Activities

Looking for a new way to get your blood pumping in Pismo Beach? Look no further than the Central Coast, your adventure headquarters! From skydiving to ziplining, there are many exciting opportunities to get the adrenaline rush you've been craving. Explore the options below and let the adventure begin!



The Central Coast's amazing climate and easy access to bike paths make Pismo Beach a popular destination for cycling enthusiasts and beginning bikers alike. From world-class athletes and cyclists competing in the Amgen Tour to amateur riders, the Central Coast draws riders from all over the world. Below are some of our favorite bike trails located near the Inn at the Cove.



A vacation to the Central Coast means it's time to put some miles on those dusty hiking boots! All just a short drive from Pismo Beach, there is a trail for the most experienced hiker to those simply looking for a relaxing stroll with a view. The many different vantage points and lookout spots from the top of these vistas and hills provide beautiful views, so head to one of these popular trails for a free, outdoor adventure.


Beach Experiences

You didn't travel all the way to the Central Coast to just admire the water, right? At the Inn at the Cove, we're strong supporters of diving right in! Make a splash in Pismo Beach with some of our favorite water-oriented activities below. 

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